Rain, roast and ladies of a certain age

Tallis Steelyard


Obviously my services are much in demand. People, once they reach a certain level of intellectual and cultural refinement realise that nothing but the best will do. So I am used to being sought out.

Admittedly it is more often by creditors and their like, but still, it does no harm to have folk asking after one.

That being said, you can see why I wasn’t surprised when I got a message from a Madam Bodery. She no longer lived in Port Naain, her husband had estates to the north of the city, and she was determined to entertain in style. Prior to her marriage she had never availed herself of my services, but I suspected that the acquisition of wealth and status had brought good taste in its train. Mock not, it can happen.

I replied to the letter, assuring her I would attend on the day in question…

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