Under pressure

I certainly didn’t pass this test!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Simon at A Certain Measure of Perfection posted this link to the UK National Year 2 Grammar Test. Click through and take the test we are asking our seven year olds to be able to complete. Expecting it to be a breeze, I failed abysmally, with only 68%.

Source: Can You Beat a 7 year old at Grammar?

Half of the tenses and some of the grammatical terms I had never even heard of in English classes, only when learning French… yet English was always one of my best subjects at school. My memory is pretty good too, so I’m fairly certain they were never referred to at all. In fact, I am fairly certain that an understanding of anything other than the basics of spelling, punctuation and the difference between noun, verb and adjective was not even approached until we were in our teens, when the subject was divided into…

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8 thoughts on “Under pressure

      • I love English … Now you are wondering why I won’t effing learn it then, I know … You can only learn a language up to a certain point. I am not a beginner in English, but I still miss subtleties, miss nuances, false friends make my understanding more complicated – and I had not prepared for an English Grammar test, today. If I had been prepared, I might have gotten the result right … I pride myself on not being the worst offender on the Guardian Cif-pages, though. But then I am not the only b… foreigner there. (Sorry for swearing first time, I know you are a family friendly blog, but I know the British like a good swear-word … as I can read on the Guardian comments all too often.)

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        • I’ve always loved English Literature, but for some reason have always had a mental block on grammar.
          In fact, regardless of whichever language I had to live and work in while overseas, my grammar (or lack of) always made for laughter, but immediate cooperation, by those I had to deal with 😃

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          • I love languages. My first two years with a foreign language were abysmal. I blame it on the teacher, the teacher changed after two years and my English improved immediately. I took Latin in year 7, too. Maybe that made the difference – as Latin is not a still evolving and hardly a spoken language, it is easier to see the Grammar behind it. Which made English easier, too, I hope.
            In year 9 I added French to my cocktail of languages – not with as much success but then I only had it for two years. I kept that level alive, though. Now I am adding Russian.
            Wanted to add Mandarin, but life got in my way. So Russian it is for now.

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          • No, I am not, I just like a challenge! Have I told you yet that I am fast approaching 50 – so my salad days are over. Not the prime to learn a language, but hey, my grey matter needs some workout.

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