Wouldn’t It Be Great to Have a Magic Button on Your Keyboard That Corrects Everything? But Editing and Proofreading Need to be Done by a Human Being. Here’s Why!

Deborah Gives great advice ūüĎć

BowmanAuthor and Writer/Editor

Don't you wish you had one of these on your keyboard?

It would be wonderful to have a¬†special¬†button on your keyboard¬†that would¬†read¬†your writing¬†and correct every error, typo, wrong word, omitted word,¬†added word, or verb tense. It would be really¬†amazing if¬†the ‚Äúedit key‚ÄĚ would automatically rewrite awkward sentences, paragraphs, or chapters. There are software packages that attempt to go beyond the rigidity of spell/grammar-check, but do they do a better job?

No, not really, or only marginally. The computer or software package would have to comprehend the content, distinguish whether the entire piece has a theme, rewrite sentences and paragraphs to support that theme, and draw a convincing conclusion.

How can the basic rules of grammar or spelling downloaded into a software package cover all the exceptions to the rules in language and enhance the quality of the writing? It is not possible. Technology cannot grasp ideas and concepts; nor can it recognize the effectiveness of an argument to convince someone to buy, sell, invest, fund a grant, or use your company. There is…

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