Blog Posts – How To Appreciate Them #bloggers #blogs #blogging

Very like how to promote a book you like – for leave a comment, substitute Leave a Review 😀

How To Appreciate A Blog Post

Blog posts are great!

They can be:

  • Easy to access and you can read them anywhere (WiFi permitting).
  • Short and sweet compared to magazines and books.
  • Informative and full of useful stuff.
  • Beautiful to look at.
  • Uplifting and inspiring.

It is only when you start a blog that you understand how much hard work goes into putting together regular blog posts.

There are some really easy and simple ways you can show your blog post appreciation.

You are probably asking ‘why?’

Well here are some reasons:

  • They will put a smile on the blogger’s face.
  • Make all those hard blogging moments seem worth it.
  • Encourage them to write more good posts.
  • Every bit of appreciation they get from blog readers helps build their confidence and you never know where this might take them.

It doesn’t take much to show your appreciation but what you do goes a long way!


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