The pros and cons of author promotion #amwriting

Read, consider and decide which (or even which parts) you’d go for…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

fantasy_quill_by_kippcantdance-d48o7urTwo articles by the same author, both well worth a read…they polarised opinion when first published.

The first was found via Wendy at  No Wasted Ink‘s weekly writing links:

Please shut up: Why self-promotion as an author doesn’t work.

The second gives the other side of the eternal argument…

WAIT, KEEP TALKING: Author Self-Promotion That Actually Works

Both articles are from Delilah S. Dawson aka Lila Bowen.

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10 thoughts on “The pros and cons of author promotion #amwriting

  1. Those are two very intersting article, though I have to admit I didn’t really agree with the first one when I first read it.

    You know, I’ve always thought that I was going to hate promoting my story when the time came. It felt salesy, and being an author isn’t about being salesy. We all feel like this. But then, the more I read about book promotion from the professionals, the more I realised one thing: promoting your book is a lot like writing your book. It isn’t about pushing, is about sharing. And that’s what we do when we write: we share our thoughts and feelings and our passions. And when we promote our book we should still try to share, our thoughts, our feeling, our passions.

    So, you know, I actually think social media is a wonderful thing that has happened to authors of the XXI century. We should be grateful for it and use it wisely.

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