The Real Benefit of Guest Blogging #Authors #Writing

Guest Posts, from an Authors POV – THANK YOU VERONICA 😀

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If you were to put the question to the general writing community of whether you should be guest blogging or not, you are likely to get some very strong opinions on both sides of the spectrum. I certainly did. In a previous post, What to Do When You Just Can’t Get a Review, the comments I received from my blog readers were overwhelmingly in agreement that you should be guest posting. However, when I made the same suggestion to a few influential local bloggers in my sphere of acquaintanceship, their resounding response was “Oh, gawd no! That’s horrible for SEO!”

I’m not one to argue a point for the sake of it, so in this latter case I deferred to the group—outwardly. Inwardly, I was shaking my head because I knew that … guest blogging is SO important.

My belief in this assertion was recently reinforced when I…

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