Almost Everything You Need to Know about ISBNs

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Laurie Boris



  1. I’ve been confused about it from the start. The misleading information out there makes it difficult to know what to do. Now I know the direction I want to go. Thanks for the information.

    I was going to leave a comment on her blog, too, but comments are closed.

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  2. Pressed this to Just Can’t Help Writing. I read a post where an expert on indie publishing told readers it would cost more than $300 to get an ISBN. Having gotten mine from Smashwords, I couldn’t help wondering what he was talking about. This article helps clear that up. Thanks for sharing it!

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  3. Well, would you ever wonder whether your book actually needs a credits page?
    A book has many parts, and every parts has a reason to be there. The ISBN is a part of a professionally produced book and I think every book should have one.

    I’m a bookseller. If a printed material doesn’t have an ISBN we don’t consider it a book. Sometimes, we cater it anyway, but in a different way than a book. Even on a tax matter, a book has its own treatment and if there isn’t an ISBN it won’t get that treatment.
    It isn’t that a bookseller requests the ISBN per say, it’s what the ISBN implies (and so what’s behind and beyond that) that’s important to a bookseller.

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