Almost Everything You Need to Know about ISBNs

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Laurie Boris

17 thoughts on “Almost Everything You Need to Know about ISBNs

  1. I’ve been confused about it from the start. The misleading information out there makes it difficult to know what to do. Now I know the direction I want to go. Thanks for the information.

    I was going to leave a comment on her blog, too, but comments are closed.

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  2. Pressed this to Just Can’t Help Writing. I read a post where an expert on indie publishing told readers it would cost more than $300 to get an ISBN. Having gotten mine from Smashwords, I couldn’t help wondering what he was talking about. This article helps clear that up. Thanks for sharing it!

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  3. Well, would you ever wonder whether your book actually needs a credits page?
    A book has many parts, and every parts has a reason to be there. The ISBN is a part of a professionally produced book and I think every book should have one.

    I’m a bookseller. If a printed material doesn’t have an ISBN we don’t consider it a book. Sometimes, we cater it anyway, but in a different way than a book. Even on a tax matter, a book has its own treatment and if there isn’t an ISBN it won’t get that treatment.
    It isn’t that a bookseller requests the ISBN per say, it’s what the ISBN implies (and so what’s behind and beyond that) that’s important to a bookseller.

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