Follow up to post on headers and page numbers

Virginia gives a Mac User’s version of Connie’s tips I reblogged at:

Thanks Virginia 👍🐵

Just Can't Help Writing

Typewriter with questions marksI’m following up here on Connie J. Jasperson’s post from Life in the Realm of Fantasy (previous post) with some strategies that have worked for me. (As is so often the case, I found my way to this post via Chris the Story Reading Ape!)

Jasperson’s post confirms for me that some of these procedures aren’t common knowledge, so they’re worth posting about. If they are common knowledge for you, and you have other pointers to include, please share!

a) If you need to remove tab marks or spaces, as Jasperson rightly directs, you can do so via search-and-replace. I am a Mac person, but as Jasperson says, the general idea is usually the same across versions and major platforms, so you may just have to find where a particular button lives.

  • In your manuscript, Select All by using CTRL (Command on a Mac) + A. (I sometimes do all…

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