What do you think comes first?

Jean provides lots of links to great articles, plus a video clip, in her post. 😀

Jean's Writing

The chicken or the egg?

More purchases or more reader reviews?

And I’m not talking about purchasing reviews – those are BAD, forbidden, illegal, and just plain wrong.

No, I’m asking if you think reader reviews are so important that you give away copies to get reviews, hoping the reviews will be good. There is always a chance some readers won’t like your style.

Without reader reviews, no interest is generated.

A bit of a dilemma right?


So what is a writer to do?

Kari Stevenson wrote over atBookFuel.com just why Book Reviews Are Important

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3 thoughts on “What do you think comes first?

  1. I’m planning to self-publish my very first book next March, so as soon as the text is ready, I’m going to ask friends whether they’d read an ACR and offer a review or a stop on the blog tour.

    I know reviews are risky. There is always the possibility readers won’t like the story, or won’t like it enough. But if I were truly scared of this, I woulnd’t put the story out in the first place, right?
    We publish because we want to be read. We shouldn’t be scared of people actually reading our books and offering an opinion 🙂

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    • When listening to the opinions of others, always listen for their message, not their tone, or perceived tone, of voice.
      When reading reviews, especially those who do NOT extol your work, look for the message / advice and make the corrections if justified or fair.

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