Why I Refuse to ‘Buy’ my Twitter and Facebook Followers

A cautionary tale and a resolution from Natasha 🐵


  1. I have blocked so many of these accounts on Instagram! The point of social media is connecting with real people, and sharing experiences, not attempting to achieve a certain number of likes or followers. These are so frustrating!

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  2. I had only a couple experiences buying ads (never bought followers) and they were both very negative. So I’m now quite weary of anything you have to buy in terms of promotion.


  3. I don’t even follow back those who advertise such practices. I only follow those I see posting things relevant and real. Not the ones only trying to sell their stuff. I understand they want to make money- hell, I want to as well- but to make every single tweet 140 characters of promotion for their own items is not what I want to see the few times a week I check Twitter.

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