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Colin Guest 01During nineteen years of working as an expat on mainly high-class interior fit-out projects in fifteen countries spread throughout the Middle, Far East & North Africa, I obtained a married status contract in Turkey.

As a result, my late wife and I uprooted ourselves from England, and moved into a house we had built in a village down on the Mediterranean Coast. This was back in 1990.

From here, I used this as a base while working on the last five of my working contracts.

After the tragic death of my wife in 2007 from cancer, I put my mind to writing, a subject I had always loved. By this time I had had several of my articles published in online magazines, with one published in Nexus, a UK expat magazine.

Shortly after her death I was conned by what I had thought my best Turkish friend out of both money and my beautiful old American convertible car. As a result, this prevented me from moving to Ecuador as I had been thinking of doing.

Although this was a real bad time in my life, like they say, ‘Behind ever cloud is Sunshine’. This came in the shape of a Turkish lady named Gulden, who after just a few days of meeting we decided to get married. Nothing unusual in this you might say, but I was then 72 and Gulden 69 years old.

Thanks to her patience, help and understanding, I have been able to write and have more articles published.

My first book An Expat’s Experiences of Living in Turkey was published by Amazon Kindle in 2014.

This covers events during over 20 years of living in Turkey.

After several years of writing, I at last completed Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps, a memoir that cover my living a life most only dream about.

This is intended to show that when you’re feeling down and in despair, by being positive you can climb back into the driving seat of your life.

From my own experience, I know this is possible.

Instead of being stuck in the rat race of a 9-5 job, I enjoyed an incredible life, and traveled to various countries at no expense to myself.

I now enjoy living with Gulden in Istanbul, one of the worlds most exciting and vibrant cities in the world.

Here I am working on a follow up book to my memoir that includes various events not covered in my memoir.

I have just signed for an Action Plan with Voyage Media, who will read through it and prepare an adaption, which they will later send to a few producers.

If all goes well, it could then be used as the basis for a film.


My memoir “Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps,” sub-titled “The Adventurous Life of an Expat,” is based on the many varied and incredible experiences that occurred during my working as an expat in fifteen countries, spread through the Middle, Far East and North Africa.

Up until then, after serving a five year apprenticeship as a joiner/shopfitter, I worked for several shopfitting companies as a foreman shopfitter before working my way up to become a project supervisor.

This gave me a solid basis for my later working on high class interior fit-out–projects, including several palaces (two for the Sultan of Brunei) and a number of five star hotels.

Thanks to my working as an expat, I was able to enjoy a working life most only dream about, and that there is more to life than a boring 9-5 job.

The book is intended to show that when things get tough, by being positive, you can climb back up into the driving seat of your life.

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9 thoughts on “#Read about Guest #Author Colin Guest.

  1. What an interesting life you have led, with perhaps more than your fair share of ups and downs. I’m glad you found a new lease of life and are happy again. All the best to you and good luck with your writing.

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  2. Sounds like you have had a most adventurous life. I must say, I am waiting for that day when I am not stuck in a 9-5 job and my life is in my control. For now, I feel as if I am on auto-pilot. That’s very exciting about your book being adapted for screen. Very cool!!!!

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