6 media Tips for Writers (via Writer’s Circle)

Excellent advice from Kawanee – click on the links included in her post as well to get even more ideas 👍😃

6 Social Media Tips For Writers

Publishing tweets and status updates is definitely different from publishing the usual writing projects, but hey — self-publishing writers can benefit from being self-promoting writers, too. Social media offers amazing platforms to connect with readers, other writers, and catch the attention of publishers — all great opportunities.

We’ve got six great ways that writers can use social media to their advantage, so read below and see if you already do these things or could add them to your day-to-day routine. And asMashable says, there’s even a creative benefit to forcing yourself to articulate thoughts in a concise amount of text — always a good skill to have.
6 Social Media Tips for Writers
  1. Don’t promote yourself 24/7It’s easy to see your Twitter account or Facebook page as a billboard for all your work, but remember: If you expect people to interact with your social media…

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