6 More Scams that Target New Writers and How To Spot Them…

Here is a follow up to Author Anne R Allen’s previous post I linked to earlier about 5 Scams.

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3 thoughts on “6 More Scams that Target New Writers and How To Spot Them…

  1. And the scam continues: Now after your entry into the “I’m a published poet” world is the “opportunity” for a 3 day convention package including air fare, hotel reservations and meals (seems the book publisher is also a tourist agency and seminar booker). Trophies and certificates are presented to the “top tier” winners and there are reading sessions where you can share poems and mix with your fellow poets. Famous successful poets (?)will speak, there will be writing workshops and the collegiality is so friendly and rewarding. You can also order a silver plated “memory plate” denoting your accomplishment for your living room or den and they make cherished heirlooms as well. Shucks folks, you are better off just buying my cartoon book from amazon or createspace for merely $15.00 (I get 87 cents royalty on each sale. I’ve sold two dozen books. Good thing I have social security and Florida pension) . Now for next month’s contest…

    Actually I am now embarrassed to have been published in these anthologies and associated with all the “God is my copilot” and “you are my sweetheart” and “rainbow/sunrise elation” nauseating drivel.

    The next scam are those new wave poet geniuses that have formed their own publishing firm and poets association and they promote their egos by publishing their own collections of verse and hold mini conventions to grant each other literary awards (also creations of the group). Perhaps this is not a scam but it is certainly a comical self aggrandizing and self deluding enterprise of manufactured greatness.

    I am going to try to contact Mark Twain in Writers Heaven to do a satiric essay on the whole hullabaloo. In the meantime perhaps we can interest Dave Barry or Garrison Keillor to do the job.



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