How do I stop my posts in a Facebook group from appearing on my friends’ newsfeeds?

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1 menuThis issue came up for me today and I thought it was worth sharing, as I had to go searching around for the answer.

What’s the problem?

You’re a member of a Facebook group discussing, for example, interior decoration. The group is a public or open Facebook group, so even if you have to ask to join and be approved before you can post, the posts are public.

So, you merrily start conversations about sofas and wallpaper, post pictures, create Events and join Events, and respond to other people’s posts.

Nothing appears on your own timeline out in main Facebook.

But your friends who aren’t in the group will see a selection of your posts in that Facebook group, whether or not they’re interested in interior decoration.

Why can my friends see my Facebook group posts?

If the group is a Public or Open group, that means that anyone can…

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