10 most commonly misused words.

Hmm I’m not sure a couple of these are right 😛 but then I’m probably using them wrong.

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7 thoughts on “10 most commonly misused words.

  1. I disagree with what it says about redundant. First, if redundant is applied to language it actually does mean repetitive.
    But more importantly, redundant also has another definition that’s basically the opposite of the distinction being made here. A redundant component in a system duplicates the function of another one, but is not superfluous because having a backup makes the system more reliable.


  2. When ENOUGH people use them incorrectly for long enough periods sometimes the world and dictionary publishers accept what had once been considered errors as now also correct and and sometime even more correct than the original definitions. After all, if a language isn’t alive enough to have fun with once in a while, why bother using it at all? ;-D!

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