Get A Real Job!

Writers – Next time someone says this to you – Remember this post 😀

A Momma's View

Have you heard that sentence before? Have you heard someone saying “get a real job”? I’ve heard people say this. To strangers, to their kids, to their family members or to friends. Maybe even to themselves. Get a real job… I always wonder what people mean by that. What is a real job?

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7 thoughts on “Get A Real Job!

  1. Real job? I have a real Job, I am thinking all day. do you need to do that in a real Job? Well, I guess my husband has to use his head in his “Real Job”. But not all jobs are like that. the problem with an author is, there are not enough readers, isn’t it Chris?

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    • Thinking is a real job Gigi – when it leads to a beneficial result.
      Regards readers, from what I see reported there are plenty of readers, many new ones from India and China (and they read English language books)
      But I think there may be too many low quality books around – that impacts on great quality Indies being lumped in with those who are not so good.

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