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Allison Reker 01Since my youth, the fantasy genre has stirred my imagination like no other. You can peer deep into the dark pool of its mysteries and have no idea where the bottom might be, because really, there are no limitations. Fantasy can take you to any place, in any time, and the rules of our world need not apply. What more could any writer ask for?

Medieval fantasy is my particular favorite, probably because I fell in love with the Narnia Chronicles at a young age, and frequently wished I could join Lucy, Edmund, Peter, and Susan on their adventures there. As a child, I had a lot of trouble falling asleep at night. As I stared through the dark at the blank ceiling above me, I entertained myself by making up my own stories. There were castles, and swords; a tragic young prince, a brave princess, and of course, an evil nemesis one kingdom over. Every night I added on a little more to the story, picking up at whatever point I had finally fallen asleep the night before. It became quite an expansive tale, and I totally fell in love with the world and characters as though they were dear friends. Eventually I outgrew the need to put myself to sleep in this way, but the story stayed with me. Really it became an inseparable part of who I was.

Then my family was moved to Germany. And I got to experience castles, cathedrals, medieval towns, rolling European countrysides, and alpine mountains…in the real world. It was an experience I will never forget. Even today, I go back to those memories for inspiration and a sense of authenticity in my writing.

JTA          Ancient Voices

My current series-in-progress, the Wind Rider Chronicles, is a culmination of my lifelong love of fantasy, the experiences of my travels through Europe, historical research, my faith, and years of online roleplaying (really world building and storytelling). I have a lot of passion for my world, which is very real to me. I’ve infused it with richness, beauty, mystery, and plenty of danger. My cast of characters embodies the best and worst of humanity, and of myself; sometimes a reflection of my worst qualities, yet at other times rising to a level I can only aspire to. My two main characters are driven by their beliefs, their circumstances, and their growing determination to fight for something more important than themselves. I can only hope that my readers will relate to their stories and find a deeper meaning of their own.

Allison Reker 02When it came time to publish, my decision to become an indie author was not one I took lightly. I knew that it would be the more difficult road because marketing myself is not one of my strengths. But the benefits of retaining creative control over my work, and holding my copyright, outweighed the drawbacks. I’ve enjoyed becoming part of the indie author community as it builds in strength. I will continue to produce the best quality of writing while working hard to grow my fan base over time. Whether I succeed or fail, in my mind, is not a measure of book sales, but of perseverance.

Published works:
Journey to Aviad (Book 1 in the Wind Rider Chronicles)
Ancient Voices: Into the Depths (Book 2 in the Wind Rider Chronicles) *New Release
Included in short story anthologies:
The Magical Muse: A Collection of Fantasy Stories
The Dragon Tempest: Tales of Fantasy and Adventure
Coming soon:
Into the Shadow Wood (A novella related to the Wind Rider Chronicles – expected release 2016)

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