Amazon Sends Wrong File to Over 8K Readers

AUTHORS – Have YOU ever had this experience with your Releases?
Please share with Author Suzie Ivy on her blog comments…


3 thoughts on “Amazon Sends Wrong File to Over 8K Readers

  1. Hi Barb, this is Suzie under my aka. There have been many problems recently with Amazon asking authors to verify their work. I have been asked to verify books, 4 times, and the email must be sent from my account email. Of course they send the emails to my account email so I always scratch my head. When you do as they ask, you never receive a reply and I know I have stressed as to whether the book will be removed and my account closed (closing an account is one of their scare tactics). So many authors feel your frustration but are afraid to voice it. I was told this morning by one of the authors in the box set that Amazon is a large corporation and we cannot fight them. As a detective, I took on a large church (they are almost everywhere in the world). Everyone said my case would never go to trial. Three people sit in prison today because I didn’t back down. I won’t be bullied and I won’t bow to a large corporation! I cheer on your fight.

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  2. I have been plagued by Amazon verification team. They demanded I open a second account – no reason given, then barraged me with demands for documents via both accounts, threatening to delete my account. One of the documents they demand is a ‘welcome to self assessment letter which only applies if you file a paper tax return and if you have only started. For months I have told them they should accept other documents but they refuse. They also refuse to provide details of their complaint procedure, which they apparently do not have – I think this is illegal, as if they care. I have wasted hours on the phone and in writing, still no sign of any resolution.

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