9 Woes of the Writing Life Infographic…


Author Leslie Leyland Fields

18 thoughts on “9 Woes of the Writing Life Infographic…

  1. Reblogged this on mira prabhu and commented:
    “If you are one of those who sees, who touches and who hears, yet who drops the pen and turns away from the open half-written pages of the world, much will be lost. The world will not be finished. Many stories will be forgotten. Yours will not end as it should. This woe is worse than all the others.” Now here’s Leslie Leyland Fields on the other woes of the writing life…thanks, Leslie and Chris Graham!

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  2. I love this infographic, Chris. Beautiful and touching. We often laugh about this writer craziness, but there are changes that force us to think and relate more deeply. There are gains in the losses as well as losses in the gains. It’s a poignant journey and one I wouldn’t want to miss.

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