Even MORE New ’79 Words Story Challenge’ Entrants…

79 WSC

I’m astonished to have so many of you STILL having fun rising to the 79 Word Challenge set by Author Andrew Joyce.


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Prayer Answered by Fran Hunne

Fran Hunne Logo

Back from sleep’s quietude she heard the baby wail, the second trampled through the room and the eldest made his weird noises, he would never speak, the doctors had told her.

Quiet please, God … not the boys causing mayhem while she fed the baby.

The prayer was granted:

Quietude again.

Not good!

She bolted out of bed.

A pillow covered the pram.

The eldest smiled at her.


SUMMER NIGHT by Patricia Salamone

Patricia Salamone

The blistering summer sun gives way to the night.

I smell honey suckle and gardenia wafting in the night air.

The heavens open up and the stars make their appearance.

The nightingale croons its song to me.

The crickets join the chorus.

The grass is cool beneath my feet

The hustle and bustle of the hot summer day gives way to the heavens above.

I look up and the moon smiles at me.


Swans by Jane Dogherty

Jane Dougherty

They came back with the spring, the pair of swans, a joy to watch as they sailed gracefully between moored boats and the bank.

For hours I’d watch as they drifted with the tides, each keeping the other in sight, never letting the tricky river currents separate them. 

This morning the cob floated by alone, his graceful neck bowed in sorrow, weeping bird tears.

In the bidonville beneath the bridge, the smoke lingered and the stench of singed feathers.


THE TEST by Barbara Chioffi

Barbara Chioffi

At twenty-eight years old with a genius ability, Rick had spent all summer designing and building the motor for his third gen jet black Camaro.

A back road provided just the right length for the first test.

He sat nervously in the bucket seat, his foot poised above the gas pedal.

Closing his eyes, he turned the key, revelling in the sound of his handiwork.

As he roared down the road, a smile of relief filled his face.



To Dance by Deborah Carroll

Deborah Carroll

She stood adorned in her best finery.

Her gown swept the floor, offering just a peek of sparkling shoes.

She made her way timidly to the dance floor and started to sway.

The music built to a crescendo.

Her heart raced, feeling all eyes on her joy.

She danced as never before, as her doctor had instructed not to do.

Too much could be too much, “ she remembered as she flung her arms with abandon and spun wildly.


Need Not Remember by Ronovan Hester


I sit alone in dark and day, yearning for life to return.

Then she discovers me.

Words exchange, a glance, a glimmer.

All paths crossed, promised and delivered.

Warmth defrosts the neglected heart.

“Why are you alone?” she asked.

“I do not remember.”

I lowered my eyes, not able to hold such purity in my sight.

Her touch of my cheek sends electric to my core.

“You need not remember again.”

She is Goddess and I . . . am . . . her . . . clay.


79-WORD CHALLENGED by Jonathan Caswell

Jonathan Caswell

Seventy-nine words,

One-half a TWEET–for the birds…

The story begun

But over (not run),

Not useful for writing a dirge.

The thing about writing prose,

Was during the process he froze…

Sounds infantile

But is it worth the while,

To write something up from the toes?

Describing any consequence,

In seventy-nine words is immense….

A story clip

That readers flip,

Wondering what happened hence?

The moral of the story–

Don’t  worry,

The stories come!


Flight by Tina Frisco


She was frightened beyond measure.

Abandoned by their parents early that morning, she and her brother huddled closely to stay warm.

Now and again, she peeked her head out from under her bedding to see if help was on the way.

Hunger screamed for attention.

She moved to the precipice of certain danger, throwing a backward glance to her sibling.

A strong wind ruffled her courage, and she leapt forward.

With a newfound exhilaration, she flew into the sun.


For anyone who still doesn’t know what this is all about and catch up with the previous 35 entrants, click HERE to check out Andrew’s story and challenge, then:

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Authors and Bloggers

If you think this challenge should continue as a weekly posting and would still like to join in the fun, or continue submitting further entries and have YOUR 79 word story posted, along with your photo and blog/website link, I’d be delighted to receive them; just email your entry to me and I’ll post them periodically:

tsraauthorarticles (AT) gmail (DOT) com,

Subject: 79 WORDS

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