Rants from the Kitchen #3 – Indie books vs Indie movies…

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by Author Yordan Zhelyazkov

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3 thoughts on “Rants from the Kitchen #3 – Indie books vs Indie movies…

  1. I’m wondering what an informed comparison of indie books with indie music would look like. Movies are in a league of their own, given the costs, but technology has made it cheaper and easier to create music recordings, similar to the indie publishing phenomenon. The difference, of course, is that musicians also sell their public performances, whereas authors reading their stuff wouldn’t attract paying crowds.

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    • Well, apart from what you mentioned about public performances, I’d say literature and music are in quite similar positions. Both have the big “industry” that continues to give us “the proven-to-be-good stuff” (the quality of which is sometimes debatable) and both have a gazillion of indies. Most of those indies are terrible, some are decent, few – outstanding, but having a hard time reaching an audience. I went for the “book vs movie” comparison precisely because there’s a much larger gap that I thought might be interesting to investigate, even without going into too much of a detail.

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