There is much debate about shadow people. I also did an episode on YouTube explaining my personal views of this subject, but I backed it with research.

So what are shadow people anyway? According to some they are shadow ghosts. They have their roots in folklore and paranormal popular culture. The differential diagnosis for the appearance of shadow people is sleep paralysis, illusions, hallucination, drug use, and sleep deprivation. So what if you see a shadow person and you do not have any of these issues? Then you have probably actually seen a shadow person.

Shadow people have been described as violent, supernatural creatures, often of a menacing nature. However, there is no scientific, statistical study that proves this. Author Chad Stambaugh claims to have actually recorded footage of shadow people.

In addition to be a threatening force, they are also often described as a fleeting shape. Typically, they are seen out of the corner of your eye. Nonetheless, it seems that over time, these strange creatures are becoming quite bold, showing themselves for longer periods of time and using a straight-on approach. Their previous method of exposure doesn’t seem to be as satisfying as scaring someone half to death.

Some have given quite a terrifying description of shadow people. They are often said to have red eyes and be very foreboding. One recorded incident was that of a paranormal investigator who took her teenage son onsite to a cemetery. He described seeing what he believed to be shadow people and later experienced possession. His mother believed his exposure and possession were a direct result of his contact to shadow people. Once her son’s body was vacated, she quit investigating.

I have no personal experience with shadow people, and frankly I don’t care to. I too believe that they are not kind and gentle spirits. I believe they are sinister beings. This is the most distinct difference between shadow people and ghosts. Ghosts do not necessarily mean to do harm. Shadow people seem to thrive on chaos.

During two investigations and based on my life experiences, I have never encountered a shadow person, so the information I’m providing has its roots in research, as I said at the beginning of this post.

So what is the verdict? What are shadow people? I honestly do not think there is a clear answer, as is true with most paranormal phenomenon. I believe it is based on personal perception and experiences.

Tracee Ford


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10 thoughts on “SHADOW PEOPLE…(Guest Post)…

  1. Hi Tracee! *waves* Cool to see you here and your post. I’ve seen shadow people before, but I’ve never–that I can remember–felt bad vibes from them. I don’t know what they are, and I ALWAYS look for a logical explanation when I experience something out of the ordinary. With that experience . . . well, I don’t know. I can say I do, but in truth I don’t. It’s just an opinion. Our world is full of mysteries, and shadow people are one of them. Thanks for posting this. It was interesting.

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