What Is Being An Indie Author All About

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By Michelle Rene Goodhew

If you are an independent author or a writer on your way to becoming published, this articles for you.

Sitting on your laurels and basking in the glow of being published is not necessarily success.

Success is also about amassing a fan base of the work you have written, of receiving the payment that comes from your words being appreciated by a large assortment of the public.

Your book deserves the kind of time and attention that creating a best-seller requires.

I’m not saying that getting to the point of publishing does not deserve a feeling of success, but it may be only a point on the road to success, not a stopping point.

Becoming a successful author is more about a structured system of actions, business savvy, marketing strategy, and your ability to maintain a healthy and positive attitude. You are responsible for discovering just how good…

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3 thoughts on “What Is Being An Indie Author All About

  1. Agreed, but even more. There are no laurels in being published, and certainly no glow comes from just that. In this era of independent publishing the act is empty if there are no readers and then fans who enjoy your writing. A writer writes because s/he must, not because s/he’s attracted by any glow.

    You write because otherwise your day is wasted. Publishing a book that is appreciated is in itself an accomplishment but it is only the beginning of the journey, not the end of it and not even a point in between.

    It’s th first step. Otherwise, publish for your drawer, there’s no news to glow about.

    And, please, aim for quality not for quantity, and to please readers, not to flood them with a writing mud. Don’t leave behind your words scores of corpses, grow a readership that will wait for your next effort. Then, maybe, you can tell yourself that you’re working for your future success. Yes, you’re not successful even after you’ve sold your first 1000 copies, or the first 10000. You’ll be successful when readers will ask you to write more stories.

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