Tips For BookBub

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Dan Alatorre

When I saw this, I wanted it here.

Hopefully this information will help us all. I rarely do this, but BookBub is kind of a big deal. I have NEVER gotten one of my books accepted by them! (Maybe this is why.)

If you have been picked up by BookBub for a promotion, or know someone who has, PLEASE SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE but following these tips will certainly help.


Tips on Optimizing Your Submission for a BookBub Featured Deal

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The selection process for a BookBub Featured Deal is highly competitive. We receive between 100 and 300 submissions per day, and we’re only able to select 10%–15% of them for Featured Deals. We’ve always limited the number of books we feature in order to avoid overwhelming our subscribers and to ensure all our partners’ listings have…

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4 thoughts on “Tips For BookBub

  1. I think there’s a LOT of valuable information here that every author or would be author needs to know. BookBub is BIG, folks. The largest “maker” of authors one on the internet, I think, and you want your book in there. My recommendation is, read these posts whenever they come out and eventually they’ll tell you exactly how to get in. That’s my plan!

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