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1None of us like to talk about the end of life issues, but Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes,” is true and sooner or later, someone will be dealing with things we’ve left behind.

It seems like yesterday, sassy, opinionated and in the prime of my life, I thought the world was my oyster. But, I blinked and time slipped away faster than water through a sieve.

Now, when I open the paper, friends and acquaintances from high school look back at me from the obituary page. It gives you pause, especially when you notice their ages are within striking distance.

I lost my best friend of 37 years, almost six years ago. She died suddenly and too young.  Afterwards, I made a point of getting things ready for my family. My last Will & Testament is in place, and arrangements made, right down to the last detail.

However, I…

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6 thoughts on “Access Denied!

  1. My nephews and nieces have given indications that they are already thinking of my generation of the family in terms of “how what is left may be divided among themselves”. I am therefore burning every document, hiding every official reference number, raiding my own bank accounts as though I were wearing a striped jersey and mask and making arrangements to be as kind as fiscally possible to several dog rescue centres… My gravestone has been ordered and the legend is simply “Ha-ha!”

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