Branding your Books into a Series – Episode 2 of 4…


See Episode 1 HERE.

Welcome back. Today, we’re going to discuss using color to indicate which of your books belong to which series. For this example, I’ll be highlighting Tanya R. Simon’s Vengeance of the Fallen series.

Tanya writes thrillers and thriller/horror mashups. This genre typically is represented by dark, muted colors and lots of blood/gore in the cover image. Tanya went a different way. She elected to go with a simple cover design from Createspace and used color to brand the books into a series. She uses some other elements to help with this, as well.

So, what do her covers look like? Let’s take a look:


This is “Mystery’s Choice” the first book in her series. Note the light purple background, the muted purple blocks, and the purple tone in the skin of the woman.

The secondary elements she uses are the contrast between the eyes, lips and skin, and the three-block design of the cover itself.


This is the second book “Roodmasi Reckoning”. The purple definitely carries through, as does the three-block design. The contrast shifts from the facial features to the land/person images, though it still remains sharp and distinct.


In this third cover for “Adraziel’s Betrayal”, Tanya returns to the more muted purples, and the purpled skin. I’ve talked to her, and we’ve talked off and on about what’s happening as the series progresses. Believe me; the muted colors are well deserved. Again, there is the three-block design, which has been the same throughout, along with the purpled skin tone.


Heading into book four, “Haures Ascending” it looks like Tanya has broken from her branding, but really she hasn’t. Even with the black foundation, she keeps the muted purple blocks behind the title and back cover description, and three-block design. She also returns to the sharp color contrast between the damage on the face and the muted purples of the skin. She’s still working with the same elements, and to be honest, I’m not sure the black is really black, or if it’s just a really deep purple.


In book five “Elamiel’s Return”, Tanya has gone back to the light purple foundation. Almost a romance color, but she keeps the sharp contrast between the image and cover, as well as the three-block design. She also keeps the same purple blocks behind her back cover description and the title.

I think with these examples, you can see how color can be the glue that unifies a series. So, until next time, I’ll leave you to think about how you can use color in your own covers to indicate they are a series.

(Small print: Tanya has given express permission for me to use her cover images for this post. If you wish to see the original images, you can find it HERE on her blog.)

Until next Sunday 20th September!

Kat Caffee


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