The 2 Crucial Book Marketing Steps to Take Before You Publish Your Book

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Selling Books is about selling the Author First…

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How to Market a Book Before it's Written

How to Market Even Before You’re Done Writing

by E.T. Carlton

Book Marketing expert Seth Godin famously advised self published authors to start book marketing 3 years before publishing. While that may seem far-fetched (how do you market something that doesn’t exist yet?) marketing your book online takes planning and patience and it’s best to start as early as possible. In the highly competitive world of self publishing, the earlier you start, the better your chances are to connect with potential readers.

Write this down arrowThe key to understanding why authors need to market their books early is this: in self publishing, it’s the author that’s the product. In other words, authors need to brand themselves well before they publish, so that, by the time their first book appears, they have established an online presence and have created relationships with influencers and readers.

Author Branding

But how do you, as an unpublished author, start the process of branding yourself? It may…

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