#Read about Guest #Author K.J. Rollinson (Kathy)

Kathy RollinsonI was was born in Salford, Lancashire, UK moved to Wales aged 12 and also

lived in Berkshire and Pembrokeshire, UK.

I carved out a career and worked for many years for the National Health Service, taking various positions with health authorities within England and Wales, but now live in Spain.

My hobbies are golf, line dancing, swimming, and, of course, writing; both novels, short stories, and poems, and art, both in oil colours and water colours.

My short stories have appeared in anthologies, including the award winning ‘Shorts for Autumn,’ awarded by the Writing Magazine in 2014. My short stories and articles have also appeared in a blog called Oapschat and TV Choice Magazine, Spain.

I must have been about eight, when I first started writing. I remember my first story was about a big yacht, at least 20ft long!! I also wrote my first poem called ‘Pictures in the Fire’ – that was when we used to have coal fires. But it was not until I joined Wordplay Writers’ Forum, Spain, in 2010, and one of the members has a publishing firm, that I thought to publish on Amazon.

The first books I wrote were the Fallyn trilogy. The books are for anyone who likes fantasy adventure books,age 10 – 110! Published on Amazon as soft book and kindle. Fallyn and the Dragons, published in 2012; Fallyn in the Forbidden Land, published in 2013; Fallyn and the Sea Dragons, published in 2014

(ALL AT 99c / 99p)

I used to go to an art class, where a friend had drawn a picture of a very proud dragon, and I wrote a 500-word story for her. The second chapter in Fallyn and the Dragons is more or less the story I wrote for my friend. The ‘Fallyn Trilogy’ grew from there, like Topsy.

‘A Twist of Fairy Tales’ my latest book, published in 2014, was inspired by another writing group I belong to, part of the U3A (University of the Third Age). The leader of the group, Joy Lennick, author, asked us to write a modern fairy story based on the classic ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ I wrote ‘Little Scarlett Hudson,’ which is included in the book, and from this story, eight more flew from my pen – or should I say from my computer. The book is illustrated and I designed the cover myself.

If you are looking for a birthday or a Christmas present ‘A Twist of Fairy Tales’ is a perfect choice.

In complete contrast to my fairy book and the Fallyn Trilogy I wrote The Rode to Justice (John Rode, 1st grade detective murder stories), first published in 2013.

The book contains four murder stories, ‘Little Josie,’ ‘Dr Lister – I presume,’ ‘Courting Justice,’ and ‘The Dancing Queen.’

John Rode is a middle-aged cop who knows New York like the back of his hand. He is a widower, known as ‘old blue eyes’ to his work-colleagues. As he says, not because he can sing, but if his eyes were any paler he would have to carry a white stick.’

He is into Shakespeare when he has any free time, and has a strong sense of justice. In one story he says, ‘This is a Court of Law, not a Court of Justice.’

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