Today, I’d like to welcome an unexpected visitor who just dropped in – literally…

She’s just gathering up her parachute.

Ah here she is at last – Ladies, Gentlemen and all my fellow creatures, may I introduce the lovely Lisa Burton…

It IS OK to say that about a female Robot isn’t it Lisa?


Of course it is Chris, I’ve never spoken with an ape before.

You’re much bigger than I thought you would be.

I mean, we’ve had aliens and witches, demons and ghosts over to the writing cabin, but never an ape.

You’ll have to come visit us some day.

I’d be honoured Lisa 😀

Tell me, what brings you to my neck of the forest?

I’m here because Craig has a new book out. It’s on pre-order, and will deliver on September 15th.

He writes all his books as C. S. Boyack. I suppose he thinks it’s authorly, or something.

What’s it’s title and what’s it about?

The new book is The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack. It’s a collection of short stories and micro-fiction. Priced at only 99¢ it’s a heck of a deal.


Why short stories Lisa?

You can easily read one of these stories (or more) while standing in line at the DMV. Craig designed them with the idea that people might read them on a commuter train, or while taking a coffee break.

Craig’s Muse sends him lots of ideas, but they can’t all carry a novel. Rather than throw them away, he makes the stories into Micro-fiction or short stories.

Sounds like a great idea, good stories should never be thrown away…

But I can tell by the way you’re bouncing up and down on that branch, that there’s more to this book Lisa.

I AM pretty excited, for a Robot, because I’ve got a story in this book too.

It falls some time after my novel ended, while I’m living incognito.

I have to step into the limelight to deal with a serious problem.

There’s a poster to go with this book, if I can find it.

It shows me with an old fighter plane.

This biplane plays a key roll in another one of the stories.

The book has quite a few other stories, and I think your readers will really enjoy it.

Ah, HERE it is.

Maybe you can nail it to a tree or something.


That’s a pretty impressive poster Lisa, and a great likeness of you 😀

What genre does Craig write?

Craig’s stories are all speculative fiction, so there is some science fiction, some fantasy, and a paranormal tale or two.

It would actually make fun reading with Halloween just around the corner.

Craig wants me to tell you it’s almost like an old issue of Heavy Metal Magazine.

We put out a call for advance readers and got a ton of volunteers. They all responded back with positive remarks. It seems like every story in the book was somebody’s favorite. I think that bodes well for the book.

That reminds me, I’m supposed to get Craig a subscription to Heavy Metal.

There are so many things a personal assistant has to do.

In fact, I should be going.

It was a pleasure meeting you Chris, and you’re always welcome to visit Craig’s blog anytime.

I must do that, if only to meet YOU again Lisa 😀 😀 😀

Let me show you to the elevator…

Where did she go?


She just stepped off the branch?

But, but, we’re 80 feet up…

Ah, I forgot – she’s a Robot…

There she is, running through the forest – BYE LISA…

Luckily, she left behind a photo of Craig’s book cover and a universal link to where we can pre-order it, plus other places Craig can be found:




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