Legacy means something. Whether it is a legacy for your children or for readers that follow your work, the type of impression you make on the world actually does matter. Do you want people to remember you as a sour-puss or do you want them to remember you as a positive-go getter? This doesn’t mean that you have to roller over and be a doormat, so keep that in mind as you read this.

On a micro-level, what we do and how we do it matters. The impact we make is so important. Every day there are people watching you. They listen to what you say and then compare it to what you do. I try so hard to be mindful of this day in and day out, but as we all know, it’s not always easy.

I used to have a raging bad temper. There are certainly times when that emotion rears its ugly head still yet, after all of the changes I’ve worked toward. Better still, as the years have passed, I’ve learn to control my temper a little better. However, there are some things that will set me off. For example, faltering technology. Additionally, if I’m already overloaded, then watch out. The key is recognizing those triggers (can you tell I have a huge background in psychology yet?).

So, as much as I would like to be positive all of the time, let’s face it; I’m human and can’t always be the bright and shining beacon I want to be. However, I strive for this everyday which is what counts.

It’s also good to recognize when you’ve shown you behind to the world or the people you love and ask for forgiveness. Another key point in living a strength-based life.

As a former supervisor, I learned the importance of helping my staff better themselves. Granted, it turned around and bit me in the long run. However, a lot of my life lessons were learned in that career and can be applied to my life today. During my time in management, I did my best to provide positive feedback and supportive props. This helps employees and people, for that matter, feel valued even if they are struggling.

Strength based practice applies not only to the workplace and everyday life, but also to the world of writing and publishing. I have had author friends who have received poor reviews. It really hurts them. I have had bad reviews and guess what? I don’t let it get to me. I try to use strength based practices to better my work and I encourage every author to do this. You know how hard you work on your projects. Who cares if someone dislikes your style or the content or the plot? Don’t let it destroy the vision that you have. Take pieces of each negative experience and turn it around to make the end result better.

Since 2012 I’ve tried to live by the law of attraction: positive equals positive. So, when you are feeling down about yourself or your work or whatever it is in your life that may be challenging you, seek out the strengths and focus on that. See the faults, but work hard to correct them. Strive to be successful, see it in your mind, and then watch it happen.

Dream big… always!!!!



(Learn more about Tracee HERE – TSRA)

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