How do I stop seeing notifications for a Facebook post?

In case you ever need to know 😀

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Today I’m going to share with you how to turn off notifications for a single Facebook post, and control what you see and when.

Use these instructions if Facebook usually notifies you with an email when there’s a new comment on a post by somebody.

Why would I want to turn off notifications on a Facebook post?

Sometimes you want to post a comment on a Facebook post but you don’t want to see all of the replies and comments that come after it. Why might this be? Here are some examples …

  • Your friend has had a good (or bad) event in their life and posted about it, and you want to post a message of congratulations or support but you know about a million other people are going to post a similar comment and you don’t want lots of emails flooding your mailbox.
  • You’ve entered a competition by…

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