Why Librarians Don’t Want to Buy Your Self-Published Book

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When a self-published author contacts someone in the collection development department at my library, we let out a collective groan. Inevitably, our answer to the request to add their book to our collection will feel personal, which is awkward. It will definitely mean more work for us no matter what, and for acquisitions and cataloging staff as well if we do accept the book as a donation or decide to purchase it.

Librarians don’t want to buy your self-published book, but not for the reasons you think. 

I’ve been thinking about self-published books and their place in libraries a lot recently, as my library has been updating our collection development policy and brainstorming ways to streamline how we deal with requests from authors to include their self-published materials in our collection and how our collection development work complements our strategic goal of supporting content creation in our community.

Then, this weekend…

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  1. I also have books in local libraries. They were enthusiastic and only too happy to buy copies of several books. Even the state library is interested. Most libraries I have contacted are willing to buy hard copies, but not digital content. 🙂

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  2. I’ve been lucky to have the support of my local libraries – one purchased several copies of my self published book and hosted an author event for me, while others have had me in to talk with reading groups. My book has been professionally edited and had the cover designed, plus I also approached the right person to ask, which I think was a big help. I’ve also offered to donate copies to other branches.

    However, I completely understand where Molly is coming from, and I think my own experience has been based on luck as much as anything else.

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  3. Absolutely. It might be the best book ever in circulation, it still has issue if self-published.

    Molly, my SF books are not self-published. Possible for them to be considered for your catalogue?

    You can look at them from NetGalley. (Science Fiction, author Massimo Marino)


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  4. This is, as you say an interesting post. I have experienced mixed results when approaching libraries regarding my book, “Dalliance”. I popped into my local library in Crystal Palace who where happy to accept a copy for their shelves. I also wrote to Liverpool Central Library explaining that I’m originally from the city and requesting they please consider adding my book to their stock. Again I was successful. However a letter to Croydon Library (the nearest town to Crystal Palace) produced no response. My experience is certainly nothing ventured, nothing gained. Kevin

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