#Read about Guest Pre-Published #Author Janice Wald

Janice Wald 01I am not yet an author although I aspire to sell my blogging articles in book form. All my adult life I prided myself on being a good mother, wife, teacher, and friend. On a good day, I can follow a recipe, and people enjoy my cooking.

Seven years ago I discovered that I had a new skill—writing. I discovered it believing my destiny entailed teacher higher education. I completed my Masters Degree in Education, so I could pass on my love of teaching to prospective teachers.

While in the program, my professors consistently praised my writing ability even suggesting that it was superior to the other Masters Candidates. It dawned on me that I might have a new skill—writing.

When I was younger, I considered becoming a lawyer like my father. My inherent love of justice was leading me there. However, my father repeatedly told me what strong writers lawyers have to be. My confidence in my writing ability was not strong enough then, so I pursued teaching.

I teach medieval history and Yearbook Design to middle schoolers. I also taught English for many years; I am credentialed in both. As someone who teaches others to write, first as an English teacher and then as a yearbook teacher, my writing skills have to be strong. My yearbooks ultimately won national awards.

The end result, the last of my three daughters left for college last fall, and I needed a hobby that would enable me to stay at home with my husband. I love analysis. I thought I could combine my analytical nature with my new-found confidence in writing.

This brings me to last fall when I started blogging. My topics were so unrelated a reader called my blog “bipolar.” He was right.

Janice Wald, Strawberry fields In January I wrote a post about Google Analytics. A friend had explained it to me. Although my understanding was still limited, I wrote up what he shared. The page views were so high, and my resulting adrenaline rush so strong, that I found my niche. I have been blogging blogging tips ever since.

Personally, I have three daughters, two dogs (we are actively searching for a third), and an amazing husband who is supportive of my blogging passion. Although I was born in New York, I have been in California since a young age.

Going forward, I am planning to continue blogging. The thrill I get from doing the writing which I love, meeting people from all over the globe (like Chris) who are like-minded and supportive, and the validation I get when I am told I am helping bloggers with their blogging is unparalleled, so I’d LOVE it if you subscribed to my blog, so you don’t miss any of the posts.


You can find me online at

BlogTumblr (soon to be mostlyblogging.com)


Facebook Timeline – Facebook Blog (soon to be mostlyblogging.com)



19 thoughts on “#Read about Guest Pre-Published #Author Janice Wald

  1. I see many parallels in our lives: academic achievements, teaching, and now discovering the thrill of writing through blog posting. I even have a sister named Janice. So happy to find a connection today, .

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