LEARNING… (Guest Post)


There are times in life when you see individuals, even yourself, having the best of intentions and things just fall completely apart. This includes but isn’t limited to projects, goals, and even parenting. Did you know that those near misses and those alleged failures promote growth in your life? Growth is a very necessary part of life. Super-fast growth isn’t always the best way to go, but sometimes there are just no choices and you must push forward.

What is even worse is when the super-fast growth occurs, it can have a lasting impact on others as well as ourselves, most often in a bad way, but not always. The best plans can turn into a disaster just with one fatal blow. This can be due to poor management, lack of insight, not thinking ahead, becoming too overwhelmed, and the list goes on and on. The most important part of this issue is to recognize that there is an issue. That’s the first step in coping with the problem because even though your intentions were good, it doesn’t necessarily mean things will turn out the way you envisioned. Furthermore, it doesn’t mean that all is lost!

Many times, we must take time to look out our lives and reprioritize. Look at those crazy changes and figure out what happens next. Have you ever felt like you have taken on too much too fast? The result of that is feeling completely out of balance and overwhelmed. You absolutely have to take control. Just remember, from every mistake and every moment of imbalance, there is some lesson to be learned.

Numerous periods in my life were filled with discouragement and defeat. That impacted my ability to concentrate on writing and other things that should have been a priority in my life. But, we’re human. Being human is a journey so we have to make sure we don’t get lost in the discouragement and/or the fast paced growth I spoke of.

Take a moment. Think things through. Most of all, LEARN! That is what the voyage of our human life is all about. Live each day as if it will be your last. Take time to grow, even when you are forced to do it quickly, breathe. I promise you, when you close your eyes, take those cleansing breaths, and realize that you aren’t promised another minute in this life, your priority list will totally change and so will you, perhaps for the better.



(Learn more about Tracee HERE – TSRA)

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