How to Get Support From Your Local Community

Why don’t YOU write to YOUR local Newspaper

What have you got to lose?


Creative Story Editors

As an artist, getting support from your local community is easy. Just ask.

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to ask people for favours, but here’s what I discovered. My community loves to help locals. Last Friday, my local newspaper, The Columbia Valley Pioneer, published an article about me.

I’d sent them an email, explaining who I am (a local author), what my credentials are and that DESCENT had just been published. They responded within the hour saying they’d love to interview me. I’d procrastinated for days before I sent the email, and nowKristina at Library I wish I hadn’t hesitated.

Because of the article, the Invermere Public Library asked me if they could put a copy of DESCENT on their shelves.

So…DESCENT in now available at the Invermere Public Library.

One little email led to two great opportunities, and each day a new milestone moment creates…

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