#Read about Guest #Author Tim I Gurung

Tim Gurung
I was born in 1963 in Dhampus, Kaski, Gandaki, Western Nepal, I came to Hong Kong in 1980 as a British Gurkha soldier at 17, served The Crown until 1993 and voluntarily retired after 13 years of service.

I found a job at a company in Hong Kong as a Quality Controller, worked there for the next 7 & half years and my jobs required me to visit China in a weekly basis.

My family joined me after 2 years, I started my own company in 2000 and worked hard in order to establish my company and raise my young family. I used to write when I was young; I stopped it due to work and family commitment and restarted again since 2009 when I had more free time.

I published my first 6 books in 2015, 7 & 8 are now in the editing process, and I will publish them soon. I plan to write and publish at least 2 more books in a yearly basis.

Writing is a gift that I had in me, it comes easily for me and I do not want to waste it for nothing. I always wanted to do something meaningful in life after I turned fifty, something that comes straight from the heart and makes me happy, and there can be no better option than me.

However, after working so hard in life since I was 17, I don’t want to work for money again, and I certainly don’t write for money or fame. Therefore, I established a charity foundation called ISSLCARE and I use my writing to fund it, all the proceeds I get from my books are used to run this charity. My charity helps finance poor families in Nepal so they can send their children to school and it sponsors the children up to grade 10. The charity has already started, we have 8 schools and 25 children now in our program and we will gradually expand it to the whole nation as we grow. I wish to complete my goal within my lifetime.

I am a writer of conscience, I write for people, society and humanity, and most importantly, I write for my own happiness.

All of my books are based on global and social issues, I write on real issues and create the story around it, and it always carries some messages for good.

My books have no sex, violence, religion, hatred, and other bad elements, they can be read and shared within a family of all ages, and my books are knowledgeable. More emphatically, they are good for high and university students who need to understand and be informed about our pressing global issues.

Here are the books that have already been published in both print and e-book versions, and they can be obtained from both of my official website and Amazon.


John lost his family in a freak accident. When he found a memory chip at the site of the incident, he decided to investigate the telephone numbers on the chip to see if they had anything to do with the accident.

The whirlwind journey takes him to Okinawa, Lhasa, Kashmir, New York and Portland Island in the UK.

The journey changes him and those he meets in positive ways as he learns to see life from different viewpoints.



A man in his fifties returns home after spending many years abroad pursuing his noble hopes of helping his countrymen in need.

He established an herbal and health drink business and built a children’s home using the profit from the business.

As his reputation grew with time, it attracted unnecessary attention from various fronts and his life and his business started to go wrong when an opposing political party decides to associate itself with his noble organization. The repercussions affect him, his family and his business.



Once upon a time, there was a huge tree, where six different colors of birds lived in peace until a storm hits the tree and turns their world upside down. The birds are forced to leave their comfortable homes, live in different parts of the tree, and face new and different problems every day.

It is a story of migration and discrimination.

What did the birds face and how did they cope with their respective problems and survive?



We are all curious about the afterlife, and we all wonder what will happen to us after death.

Where do we go and what would heaven or hell be like?

It is the story of one such mind that takes the reader into weird, eerie and scary places.

It is also a sad, compelling and beautiful otherworldly journey.

Are these mysterious places real?

The book will intrigue and mystify.


After finishing high school, a village boy comes to the capital city to find work. He becomes associated with the national ruling party and works in party headquarters. I

n no time, he becomes the personal assistant to the top leader, gets to meet all the powerful and influential people of the nation, and even gets a portfolio of his own when his immediate boss becomes the prime minister of the nation. While trying to do his job properly, he faces many bureaucratic obstacles and eventually gets fed up with the dirty political games played out on a daily basis. He resigns and moves to a poor suburb of the capital, where he decides to get involved in helping the struggling residents.

The long and difficult struggle eventually changes his life in positive ways.

His creative and persistent efforts are inspiring and relate to what is happening in countries all over the world as people strive for a better life.


Nata had always wanted to work for refugees.

After college, he joins an internationally known NGO (non-governmental organization) and enthusiastically works there for some years.

Due to disagreements with the hierarchy, he has to give up his favorite job and find another way to make a living.

He decides to operate a makeshift café in a sturdy tent outside his home and struggles to eke out a living.

His only company is his beloved cat.

Then Sarah, a romantic dream that had never bloomed for him, reenters his life and completely changes everything.

His makeshift café not only becomes a popular place but provides enough for the couple’s living, and they manage to contribute a lot more than they had ever imagined to the cause of helping refugees. T

heir struggle, love and triumph make a satisfying and inspiring read.

After I published these 6 books, I became fully occupied for the promotion of my books and hardly have time to write again.

My 9th novel is already started but stuck at the back of the shelf due to my full commitment on the promotion works and hasn’t been improving.

I have been writing blogs, littering all the social networking sites, contributing to a local paper, buying ads here and there, took part in a book fair recently and doing all the best I can to promote my books.

But of course, being a new and self-published author is not easy, it seems a very long, slow and assiduous journey and I have been working really hard to establish myself in this nascent literary world.

I sincerely do hope that I can do a good job and establish myself someday soon.

I have sold almost 8-900 books both in print and eBook versions by now and I will be more than happy if I can sell at least 20k altogether.

You can find me and about my books on the following platforms.

Thank you.

Best regards








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