What Not To Do When Sending Off Your Manuscript

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A Writer's Path


All right, as some of you know, I recently did some work for a publishing press. What I did was read unsolicited manuscripts (stories sent by authors with no agent) and decide if my boss should read it and publish it. During the weeks I spent doing this, I came to discover that authors really do have the worst habits.

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5 thoughts on “What Not To Do When Sending Off Your Manuscript

  1. Well, an article such as this should never have a reason to be written. Writers, you’re professionals (maybe), and if you’re querying an agent you’re not joking, unless you’re trying to become the next good laugh at the literary agents’ regular bar at 5pm on Friday night.

    Ever done a job interview? Do you go to the meeting with sandals and bermuda for a COO position and without the regular morning shower and shaving? Sounds crazy? Then why do you perform in sandals and bermuda when querying? Wonder why you never receive not even a pre-formatted rejection?

    Are you trying to find an agent or are you just wasting time, yours and the literary agency as well? The article doesn’t surprise me, though. Our writers’ association holds regularly meetings (in person) with literary agents and the stories that we hear during the pauses are difficult to believe, yet they are true.

    I don’t envy junior agents at all.

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