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Christine KelenyI don’t like to bore people, and Iike my blog header says, I don’t like taking myself too seriously. So if I stray, just stop reading. I understand, and besides, I won’t know the difference.

So here goes.

I am a writer: I’ve published 6 books to date and I’m working on #7, of course. Because I’m a writer. All of my published books are Here.

Why do I write?: I’m not sure, really. It seems like something that makes me feel good. I like good reading, but many people like good reading and they don’t write, so that can’t be it, totally anyway. It’s just one of those things, I guess. I have always enjoyed putting good sentences down on paper (or on the computer) so I write. If it entertains or even educates without someone knowing it, all the better! Most of my books are historical fiction and I really enjoy history and the research that goes along with writing in that genre, so I like that too. And I think reading historical fiction is a great way to really learn or feel a particular time or person in history.

Why do I publish?: That’s another question I’m not exactly sure of, but I guess the simplest answer is, because I like to write and I’d like to write more, if I publish and make a little cash on the side, then I can work less and write more.

What do I do for work, you ask: I actually like my work so I’m not sure I want to do less of it so I can write more. A 50-50 split would be nice. My work is my indie-publishing company. I help others with their writing and publishing. I edit, format for print or ebooks, publish, or just answer questions. I teach writing and publishing at libraries and for grade school kids too. It’s very rewarding to help other writer – young or old – get where they want to be. My publishing website is CKBooks Publishing.

5 Books

What’s my favorite color?: Red, no green. Maybe navy blue. But then again I really like maroon. Maroon sounds good when you say it to. Okay, I don’t have a favorite color.

What do I do in my free time?: One guess – yes, read. Plus I like being outside: riding a bike, walking, putzing in the garden (on occasion), mowing the lawn (on occasion). I also love homemade jam, so I’ll make that and desserts. I enjoy a good dessert, so I’ll make that too. I enjoy having people over and cooking for them. I do experiment on my friends, so beware! That doesn’t sound right. I don’t do experiments on them, I experiment with cooking and feed those experiments to them! No strange mushrooms or anything, only edible food, or at least I’m working for edible. And movies – I really enjoy movies. They sometimes inspire my writing. There, I’ve come back to writing again. I just can’t get away from it. I have written one screen-play, actually. I adapted my second book in my Rose Series (A Burnished Rose – It’s about a women nurse in WWII. It follows an actual nurse’s experience in the war. I found her in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. She 90 something and quite a pip!) and made it into a screen-play. I’ve tried to pitch it but that’s very similar to pitching a book to a traditional publisher – it’s not easy to get someone’s ear. I’ve even posted on Tom Hank’s facebook page to ask if he wants to read my screen-play, but no response. Go figure. So if you have Tom Hank’s ear, I’ve got a screen-play pitch I’d like you to pass onto him, if you would.

Are you bored yet?: I’m getting there so you must be too. What else…what else…should you know about me? I have two kids from two marriages. I have a dog and cat and two horses. I live in the country in Wisconsin and I am very blest. I have a lovely family and wonderful friends, a roof over my head and good food to eat, and I can write. What more could I ask for?


My latest book Will the Real Carolyn Keene Please Stand Up was a finalist for a Midwest Book Award for historical fiction this year and is about the creators and creation of Nancy Drew, for all you Nancy fans out there.

You can find me at these places:

My Book Reader’s Group Sign-up (It is on my books page – just scroll down. It is where you can get access to what I’m working on, book deals, and other fun freebies before anyone else!)


My Book BlogMy Writer’s Blog
CKBooks Publishing (my indie-publshing site)
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