It’s About Time

Time management – by Author Michelle Kimbrough

Love Never Felt So Good

I originally wrote this article back in 2003 or 2004 — before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. People praised me for my ability to effectively manage my time and organize events while juggling so many other things. Today, some might laugh at the fact that this self-identified procrastinator was once great at time management. Here’s the article:

timeTime management is subjective.  What looks like “chaos” to one person, is another person’s time management strategy. So, here is the million-dollar question: Do you manage your time or does your time manage you? Poor time management can cost you more than just time . . . it can cost you money, credibility, promotions, respect, and even business! Here are a few tips that helped me to organize and manage my time. 

DO IT DIFFERENTLY. This is a wonderful exercise. Look at anything you do and ask, “Is there another way…

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