Indie Or Traditional, That Is The Question

Good sense and straight talking from Jack 😀

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Ok so you’ve finally decided to pluck up the courage of your convictions to make your passion for writing a fulltime career. Before you even begin, the one question you have to seriously take into consideration is this. Do you become an independent author, or do you try to break into the world of traditional publishing?

If you decide on chancing your arm with the latter, after first avoiding the tempting adverts from vanity press and some of the other fly by night options out there, like the plague, bearing in mind that every one of them is waiting to fleece you while masquerading as legitimate traditional publishers, you will immediately be confronted by what the industry commonly refers to as gate-keepers. What are they? Simply put, they are the publishing houses’ often seemingly impenetrable lines of defence, designed to extract the occasional gem for serious consideration from among the…

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7 thoughts on “Indie Or Traditional, That Is The Question

  1. Good article but I fundamentally disagree with this: “If you are a true Indie, by the very definition of the word it means that you must go it alone, literally doing everything for yourself.”

    Self-publishing is not at all doing-it-yourself. 99.99% that leads to self-delusional publishing.

    You can’t pretend to be able to master all that is required in publishing a book yourself. You will end up—at best—with an average (and I’m generous) book. Amazon is an ocean of ‘average’ who do all themselves and live in this limbo state of dreaming to hit it big one day: Reality check, that day will never come.

    Of course you will edit and proofread manuscript until you drop dead, but then your manuscript is NOT ready for publishing, it’s ready to be worked upon with a professional editor.

    Of course you will have your ideas for a great cover, but then you will discuss those with a professional graphic artist to make those idea become a real cover.

    Of course you will be publishing yourself (pagination and formatting) but unless your end product looks exactly like any other traditionally published ebook, you will work with a professional formatter that will make that transition for you.

    Telling aspiring writers that self-publishing is do-it-yourself is condemning them to a never ending nightmare, the self-delusional publishing world.

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    • All very valid points Massimo 👍
      Jack is one of the VERY FEW authors who successfully manage to ‘Do it all’
      Personally, I recommend that regardless of how (and how many times) an author self edits using software or their own eyes, it is prudent to get a reputable (and recommended) Professional Editor to check out the manuscript before publishing.
      Regards covers – although I make them, I’m not a professional designer and regard my covers as merely stopgap until the authors can afford the real deal.

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      • Chris, I do believe it comes from the fact that Jack had a considerable baggage and experience in publishing BEFORE he went Indie 😉 It makes all the difference in the world. For all others starting from scratch, the “do-it-yourself” is a recipe for a disaster.

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