Email to Amazon Followers: What to Write?

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Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has a new feature.

When you publish a new Kindle e-book, in a couple of weeks (or so) Amazon sends you an email (to whatever email you have linked to your KDP publishing account).

The email subject is: A Question about Your Book (followed by the title of your book).

It’s not an advertisement. It’s not a problem. (Unless you get a different email!)

It’s an opportunity.

When you publish a new Kindle e-book, you can send a personal message to your Amazon followers.

Amazon will approve your message and send it out to your Amazon followers, letting them know about your new release.

This message may go out a few days after you submit it.


Here’s your chance to include that personal touch in your message about your…

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5 thoughts on “Email to Amazon Followers: What to Write?

  1. I really appreciate the sites you are sharing! Lots of good advice here. I see you’ve earned many awards; I’ve nominated you for another one: The Dragon’s Loyalty Award. If you want to participate, check out the directions at I’ll have them posted by Saturday!

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    • Many thanks Virginia but I only accept awards with the understanding that I may or may not follow through with the conditions listed -research to find resources for authors and rounding up Guest Authors takes up most of my time 🐵


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