Ideas for Children’s Books in Kindle Unlimited

Some great ideas in this post by Chris McMullen šŸ‘



Now that Kindle Unlimited is paying KDP Select books based on the number of Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) read, childrenā€™s booksā€”especially illustrated kidsā€™ booksā€”appear to be among those most affected.

Illustrated childrenā€™s authors with books enrolled in KDP Select basically have three options:

  • Opt your illustrated childrenā€™s books out of KDP Select. (Uncheck the automatic renewal box. Wait until the 90-day period has expired. Now you can publish elsewhere. But beware that not all other e-book platforms are equally picture-friendly. You might want to do some research and formatting before you decide to make the switch.)
  • Leave your books enrolled in KDP Select, and either complain about the change or feel frustrated without complainingā€”or try your best to ignore itā€”or hope that your book will be engaging enough to help get more pages read. (You probably donā€™t want to complain publicly in such aā€¦

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