How to Write a Bestseller Like the Ancient Bards

Now you know HOW – Go DO IT 🙂


In Ireland, the urge to create literary masterpieces was rigorously moulded and polished by decades of training, and was a skill highly revered. (You can read more about the poets, bards and filidh here.)

The earliest writing exists in the form of Ogham symbols hewn along the edges of standing stones dating back to the C4th, but in Irish mythology, Ogma of the Tuatha de Denann, who was skilled in speech and poetry, was said to have invented this ancient script.

The first message he wrote in Ogham was seven b’s inscribed on a birch branch, sent as a warning to Lugh, meaning “Your wife will be carried away seven times to the Otherworld unless the birch protects her.” (Yeah… don’t ask me what that means, I’m fairly sure Lugh understood it though.) Thus the letter b is said to be named after the birch.

Earliest surviving manuscripts…

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