A great find for better Book Marketing

Looks like Paul has made a great find – be sure to check out the links he provides (and say Thank You to Paul for sharing) 😃

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Like most authors I am continuously looking for ways to do things better, not only improving my writing, my plots, characters, details and realism/escapism of my words. But also in ways to promote my work, to get my books in front of potential readers, dare I say, even to create ‘fans’ of my writing, people who just ‘cannot wait’ to read my next book.

None of these things are easy and, as I often ask myself, why do I bother at all to make my work public? Why do I publish my stories, and why, oh why do I expend so much time promoting my books and my blogs?

There must be a much easier way to achieve my goals without spending hours upon hours in front of a computer ploughing my way through the hosts of social media sites, in the hope that one person may, just may…

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12 thoughts on “A great find for better Book Marketing

  1. I get where you’re coming from – I’ve asked myself the same questions. I’m retired; my husband thinks my writing is time-wasting so why do I do all this? So many days the graph report on my Amazon sales is a straight line. But, when a blip is there, I get such a buzz…

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