How to survive your fictional characters all night bickering in six easy ways…

It is two AM. You are wrestling with one of your fictional characters as to, well it really depends on your fictional character. Mine decided that the furry Ape needed another blog post. Actually, it was one of her decrees. And don’t tell her, I just referred to her as a fictional character! Please!

Frankly, if you start using your fictional character’s name as passwords for your real life social networks and other electronic devices, you are a goner. My friend you may as well kiss your sleep good-bye. If she or he (let me just stick with one pronoun from now on) decides that you will absolutely listen to her at two AM, no earplug ever invented is going to shut her out.

1. Get up and write

First of all, you may as well get up out from that comfy duvet and get to your primary writing device. Club Duvet has closed. DJ Pillow has spun his last tune. Switch on your PC, laptop or open your notebook and get to it!

2. Don’t go back to sleep

Four thirty comes, whatever you do – DO NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP! Sleeping after an early morning writing session is going to make you feel sluggish at six AM, when you will need to get the kids ready for school and yourself ready for work.

Ideally you don’t have to go to work. If this is the case you can have a mid-morning nap and be done with it. Unless the fictional character decides to interrupt.

3. Coffee is your best friend

For the rest of us who do still need to go to our day job, coffee is your best friend. This is something every author and blogger already knows. It is one of the reasons the “About Page” on my blog is so loved.

What is not so obvious is the quality of coffee. Make it the good stuff. You deserve it.

4. Music calms the savage beast

Music calms the savage beast. It may shut your fictional character up long enough for you to get your daily job done. It also has the added benefit of keeping you awake at work. So if the boss allows, listen to an upbeat tune. If you don’t have a musical device at work, or it is just not permitted, your own voice may do wonders. And don’t worry, your colleagues will soon become accustomed to your own flavor of singing.

5. Exercise

It may surprise you however, getting those muscles working at midday when you are about to fall asleep, does wonders. Your heart starts pumping that valuable oxygen to your brain. Exercise has the added benefit of producing endorphins, which help alleviate stress and make you feel happy. Take a thirty minute brisk walk. Or find a close by gym for a quick workout. I do thirty minutes at the gym in my lunch time. It really does put the life back into my day.

6. Serins’ pick-me-up tonic

If all else fails, and you just can’t keep awake for another second try this one: A cup of fresh coffee with a nice big orange. Caffeine combined with Vitamin C. Check the label of some of the popular brands of “wake-up tonics”. That’s what’s in there. Mine is just somewhat more economical and much better tasting.

Next time your muse keeps you up half the night, try these things. Rest assured that you are not the only one this happens to.

SerinsAbout the Author:

Serins is a pre-published author and a charming blond blogger, you will find speaking her mind over at Serins Sphere. Her “I am what I is” type blogging sprang from spending too much time in the desert of Namibia.

You can also find her here:

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18 thoughts on “How to survive your fictional characters all night bickering in six easy ways…

  1. Hi,
    How true! I am laughing because my characters will wake me up promptly at 2 am and start telling me that they don’t like how I am revising. It should be so and so…….

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