Myths about the new Kindle Unlimited Pages Read Policy

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First we had the Information Age. It was quickly followed by the Misinformation Age.

Here are some common myths about the change in Kindle Unlimited policy regarding pages read.

Authors of Kindle books now earn royalties based on the number of pages read.

Read that carefully. Can you spot the mistake? There is indeed a mistake. An important one.

Yet, much of the media has made this same mistake.

What’s wrong? An important clarification.

  • Royalties for sales are completely unaffected. Authors earn their usual royalties for sales, which does not depend on how much of the book is read.
  • Only royalties for borrows through Kindle Unlimited (and Amazon Prime) are affected by the change. Therefore, this only affects authors who enroll their books in KDP Select. Only 1 million of over 3 million Kindle books are affected by this change in policy (and even…

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