Sherlock Holmes – The Case Study

Hands Up who knew these facts? 😀

22 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes – The Case Study

  1. Sherlock Holmes was part of our family’s routine when I was a child. My parents and grandparents loved the TV series and we would all gather around the TV for each episode.

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      • The earlier ones contain more details. As in, Watson still tries to explain Holmes’ deductions. In some of the later ones it’s more like “he did something clever, and i couldn’t explain if I tried, so I won’t”.

        However, regarding the depth – I often feel Watson is misrepresentd in the modern adaptations (except the BBC Sherlock one). Because he’s a doctor and a soldier, He is smart, just not as smart as Holmes. He’s saved Holmes’ bacon plenty of times, and he’s the one writing it all down, making sense of Sherlock’s deductions for the ordinary folks. He survived war and being flatmates with Sherlock Holmes. If there’s one man who’d have balls of steel it’s Dr. Watson – he’s no naive sidekick! 🙂

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