How to Use StumbleUpon for Book Marketing…

A video and voice presentation by


Shelley Hitz



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11 thoughts on “How to Use StumbleUpon for Book Marketing…

  1. Good post, however, I wish she would have gone into the benefits of StumbleUpon (how much traffic it can drive, how search engines react to it, etc.), so that one could know how effective it is. With so many social media sites, it’s tough to know whether or not one will be better than the other, or why. Anyways, still interesting. Will have to check it out.

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      • There are issues with promoting on Facebook and Google + , I’ve found, so I could see that. When you use Facebook, you’re kind of expecting your personal friends and family, to also be your consumers. If you’ve ever had a friend start an Avon or Melaluca business, you know how annoying this can be. With Google +, there always seems to be an issue with privacy settings, and I can never seem to get my posts from there public enough (maybe I’m doing something wrong with that). Twitter seems to do a great job, because word can spread quickly over a vast amount of people you would have never interacted with before. I may have to try StumbleUpon. It looks pretty simple, and doesn’t seem like it would take a whole lot of time. I still like to raise the point (for anyone new that may be reading this) that it becomes difficult to pick and choose which media sites to associate with, because there are so many, and we can’t possibly expect to join them all without losing productivity in what we actually do – write. Keep up the good posts, it was nice to learn about this. I haven’t heard of it until today.

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