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HI there, I’m Toi Thomas, an author and blogger.

Toi Thomas

I spend a lot of time online at The ToiBox of Words, my home on the web.


You may be asking yourself why you should take the time to learn more about me, so in an effort not to waste your time, I’ve put together some bullet points. Here are the top 5 reasons you may want to learn more about me:

1. Don’t people love to root for the underdog? Well “average” is the new “underdog” and that’s totally me. I’m the average book worm, comic book geek, tomboy with a great sense of humor and many varied interests. Also I’m an indie author, which of course screams “underdog”, but I still love it.

2. I have a very interesting path to publication story that has already entertained, inspired, and even educated a few who’ve already experienced it.

3. I like to cook and bake and have found ways of incorporating that into my writing.

4. I write for adults, but my work is perfectly suitable for teens. I’m finding that a lot of people are seeking mature content that isn’t excessively and unnecessarily violent, profane, and graphic, and that’s just what I have to offer.

5. I do my best to give back whenever I can. I help promote other authors and give to causes that really matter to me, plus I’m an animal lover and have this really cute avatar.


Now, don’t you want to know more about me and my work?

My current publications include: Of Past and Future, Legend of the Boy…and Other Short Stories, Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel, Eternal Curse: Battleground, 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse, and Battleground Survival 101; plus I’m currently working on a contemporary romance: It’s Like the Full Moon.

Here’s a closer look for you:

Of Past And Future
is a collection of twenty-two short stories, from twenty-one authors, that explore the past and the future as experienced by those who can travel there. Be it fifteen minutes into the future, forty years to meet yourself or your spouse as a child, or a thousand years into the past, traveling in time always has unexpected consequences – and sometimes that’s what the traveler is counting on. Come and experience these stories and see if you would handle the unexpected as well. — Features Clepher’s Heart by Toi Thomas



LegendoftheBoyLegend of the Boy, In the Window, and Other Short Stories

It’s all about the boy…
The boy who must destroy the world so he can save humanity.
The boy who sweeps the girl off her feet.
The boy who brings two lovers together.
The boy who grows into a bad man and changes a woman’s life.
The boy who won’t let death stop him from getting what he wants.

Everything spanning from science fiction, paranormal, romance, and psychological thriller is here within the pages of this book. Which of these boys will capture your sense of wonder, rage, romance, or perhaps even fear? You decide.

ECGGiovanni’s Angel, Eternal Curse.

Giovanni has been waiting his whole life to meet someone like Mira, someone from the outside world who might be able to help him. He wonders if there really is help for him as he continues to hold tightly onto dark secrets and even darker memories. Giovanni wants to be hopeful and he wants to accept Mira’s help, but first he has to look himself in the mirror and face what he truly is- and that is a reality no one is quite ready to accept.

Searching for new purpose and meaning in her life, Mira meets Giovanni online and an exciting and, in some ways, scary friendship is developed. Mira decides one day to meet Giovanni in person, at his secluded country home, in order to aid him on his journey of self-discovery. What these two are able to discover will not only test their strength and will, but it will stretch the limits of their minds and catapult them into a world where earth, Heaven, and Hell collide.

Giovanni’s Angel is the story of a man who may just be the answer to a spiritual war swiftly heading his way- but for now, he just wants to be a man.

ECBBattleground, Eternal Curse.

In the future, will all the petty problems of everyday life be fixed or will it all go down the tubes? Giovanni and Mira can’t really say since they are too busy fighting the ongoing battle between good and evil in order to save the world- fixing it will simply have to wait.

Sometime in the fairly distant future, Giovanni and Mira are enjoying a life together but they are living no fairytale. When tragedy strikes in a way Giovanni is not prepared to deal with, he will have to decide whether life amongst the humans is worth fighting for or leave it all behind to seek a righteous calling.

Giovanni, along with a new ensemble of half-breed comrades and human companions, heads into battle to face Marcos, his greatest foe. Blood, bone, and ash will be left on the battleground and the world will never be the same.

40 Day and NightsBattleground Survive 101If you love extra features and behind-the-scenes footage of your favorite movies, then you will love these official companion guides to the Eternal Curse Series novels. 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse follows EC: Giovanni’s Angel and Battleground Survival 101 follows EC: Battleground. These companions break down the novels with writer’s notes, excerpts, character profiles, outline details, and special tidbits that you won’t find anywhere else. These companion guides aren’t just all info and no fun; they are fulfilling and interesting reads all on their own. They are easy and inviting reads in any format, and will prompt your mind to wander and wonder of things to come. #cursescanbebroken

So there you have it, a quick overview of my published works, but what about me.


A bit of a techie and a foodie, I was born in Texas, but consider Virginia to be my home now, which I share with my frat boy hubby, Eric, and my pet turtle, Betty. Growing up in Dallas, I had a strong interest in reading fiction, drawing, cooking, and loved to watch movies. Even today, many of my friends come to me for the answers to movie trivia and new recipe ideas. Blogging and baking have become reoccurring pastimes for me when I’m not working as a Virginia Beach teacher’s assistant in special education. My main focus right now is to entertain the world with my stories and hopefully make someone’s day with a story they like. I’d also like to think that people are enjoying the content on my blog, as it has become a part of me I couldn’t imagine living without. #thetoiboxofwords

Learn more about me and visit me online at the links below:

Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | GoodReads | LinkedIn | YouTube | Pinterest

So, I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me will come visit me at The ToiBox of Words, sometime soon. I have some really cool memes and posts you’ll want to check out. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Until next time, keep reading and be cool.



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