My Publishing Journey.

A lot of useful information in this post by Christine 😀

IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author


logo-csp-no-tmIt will probably be easier for most Indie Author-Publishers to format first for e-book, and then do a paperback, but I went first with CreateSpace. Formatting had its frustrations (mainly due to the limitations of their system), but I will use them again. I used their ISBN, and also put the book into their “expanded” distribution, which means it goes into catalogs such as Baker & Taylor and Ingram, from which libraries and other vendors order. I’d give them a 96% satisfaction and quality rating, and when I did have the rare problem, they fixed it fast.

navAmazonLogoFooter._V169459313_I refused to let CreateSpace automatically enroll my book in Kindle. I read the Kindle contract, which was nine pages long, made unreasonable demands, and I especially objected to the exclusivity. This means that Amazon gets to sell only the paperback, for which I think they have retaliated, by primarily listing an out-of-print…

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4 thoughts on “My Publishing Journey.

  1. Thank you for the re-blog. Your readers are welcome to comment or ask questions. Answers may sometimes be delayed, due to problems beyond my control, but when I return to the computer and the community, I’ll strive to reply.

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  2. Thanks for reblogging this interesting post Chris. While the article contains a lot of useful information I don’t believe the author is correct when she states that if a book is enrolled in Kindle it must be exclusive to Amazon. Amazon would certainly like authors to make their works exclusive to amazon so author the KDP Select programme. KDP is a voluntary programme and in return for enrolling in it authors get higher royalties than if their work is simply in the standard Kindle scheme. In addition those enrolled may promote their books for upto 5 days either free or at a discount in any 3 month period. In return for these benefits authors works must be exclusive to KDP Select. However those not enrolled in KDP Select are not required to be exclusive to Amazon and, as a consequence attract none of the benefits of KDP Select. I remain to be corrected by other authors but that is my understanding.


    On 6/1/15, Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

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    • When I first published (going directly through CreateSpace), the Kindle acceptance linked to a contract that demanded exclusivity. (I saved copies of the Kindle and Nook contracts to my computer). Thank you for commenting.

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